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Terms and Conditions for Travel on East West Express

  1. Reservations for this service are not required. However, The East West vehicles are designed to carry ten passengers. It is strongly suggested that you book reservations to guarantee your seating.
  2. If you decide to book a reservation, reservations can be booked online at or by phone at 1 800 245 2525 24 hours a day. Again, reservations are not required but service will be subject to availability. Flight Line takes no responsibility if seating is not available.
  3. There are no cancellation fees for East West Express park and ride service.
  4. Rebooking. There are no fees for re-booking or changing a reservation.
  5. After arriving at Manchester Airport please contact us at 1- 800-245-2525, option 2, when you have your luggage in hand and are ready to travel so we can direct you to the pick up location or simply follow the instructions to the pick up location provided on this site. Where to Meet Vans
  6. Flight Line’s East West Express operates a limited schedule on Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  7. On December 24 (Christmas Eve), and December 31 (New Years Eve), Flight Line's last scheduled service departs the Portsmouth Transportation center at 4:15pm and departs Manchester Boston Regional Airport at 4:00pm.
  8. Baggage assistance. Flight Line driver's will assist with normal sized luggage and weight (see #11 below) which is placed within 20 feet of the vehicle. Drivers are not allowed to leave their vehicles unattended.
  9. Each passenger is allowed 2 pieces of checked luggage (each piece 62 linear inches L+W+H total and no more than 50 pounds) and 1 carry-on (30 linear inches L+W+H total and no more than 15 pounds) which is about the size of a small knapsack (NOT a airline carryon roller bag). If the number of bags exceeds the limit for the number of passengers (e.g. 3 passengers traveling and 10 bags) there will be an additional charge of $6 a bag.
  10. Kennels, Bikes, Ski's, Surfboard's any other special items are not permitted on this service.
  11. There are no charges for children safety (car) seats. Flight Line does not provide children safety (car) seats. Children's car seats are required for all children that are of the age/weight/ height that would require the child to be in a car seat.
  12. There is a strict no pet policy on the East West Express.
  13. Service animals are accommodated at no charge.
  14. All vehicles are ADA equipped.
    Reservations are not required for passengers requiring wheel chair assistance.

    • ADA Goal

      East west Express drivers and customer service personnel are dedicated to meeting the needs of customers with disabilities. We will provide assistance with boarding, de-boarding buses and luggage.

    • Assistance in Boarding

      Please arrive 15-30 minutes before departure as seating is on a first-come, first-board basis. We will make every effort to help you if such an accommodation will not delay departure of the schedule on which you wish to travel. Please note that all East West Express vehicles are wheelchair lift-equipped.

    • Lift Capabilities (Weight / Dimensions)

      When using a wheelchair lift-equipped bus, the combined weight of the customer and mobility aid cannot exceed the design capacity of the lift. East West Express operates lifts with design capacities of up to 800 lbs. The usable platform width of the lift is 33 inches. The usable platform length of the lift is 54 inches. Your mobility aid can be no more than 50 inches in height.

    • Traveling With Your Service Animal

      East West Express customers with disabilities accompanied by a service animal are welcome. The service animal is the responsibility of its owner and must be under the control of its owner at all times (i.e., leash, harness or carrier). The service animal must ride in the bus within the customer's space. Service animals may not travel in the aisle or occupy a seat. East West Express reserves the right to refuse passage to any animal that poses a direct threat to the health and safety of other customers or East West Express personnel.

    • Oxygen / Respirators

      Portable oxygen and respirators may accompany you on East West Express. A maximum of four (4) canisters may travel with the customer - two (2) aboard the bus and two (2) in the baggage compartment. The maximum dimension for each container may not exceed 4.5 inches in diameter and 26 inches in length. Customers are responsible for ensuring that they have enough oxygen to complete their travel and are responsible for making arrangements for refills while en route. Oxygen canisters to be stored in the baggage compartment must be in protective cases with safety caps on the valves.

    • Disembarking an East West Express vehicle

      East West Express allows any passenger who uses a lift or ramp to board or disembark the vehicle at any designated stop unless the lift or ramp cannot be deployed, the lift or ramp will be damaged if it is deployed, or temporary conditions preclude the safe use of the stop by all passengers.” In addition, East West Express has scheduled adequate time for individuals with disabilities to board and disembark the vehicle while maintaining a timely schedule.

    • Time for Boarding and Disembarking

      East West Express has scheduled adequate flex time at each scheduled location for individuals with disabilities to board and disembark the vehicle while maintaining a timely schedule.

    • Complaint Procedures

      Any Person who is not satisfied with the level of service that has been provided with respect to their disability and East West Express’s performance with respect to such disability or Any person who believes they have been aggrieved by an unlawful discriminatory practice regarding Flight Line’s East-West programs has a right to file a formal complaint with Flight Line Inc. Any such complaint must be in writing and submitted to Flight Line Inc. Supervisor within one hundred eighty (180) days following the date of the alleged occurrence. For more information regarding ADA complaints, please contact:

      Flight Line Inc.

      51A Pelham Rd

      Salem, NH 03079

      Toll Free 24/7 1-800-245-2525

      Fax 1-603-893-8713

    • Reasonable Accommodations / Modifications

      Flight Line’s East West Express operates its programs and services in compliance with Transportation for Individuals with Disabilities; Reasonable Modification of Policies and Practices (49 CRFR Parts 27 and 37) to ensure that people with disabilities have equal access to our services. Any person who believes they may have been aggrieved by any unlawful discriminatory practice under this act may file a complaint.

      We provide reasonable modification of policy and practice upon request to ensure that our transportation services are accessible to people with disabilities.

      We will make reasonable modifications unless doing so:

      1. Would fundamentally alter the nature of the service; or
      2. Would result in a direct threat to the health or safety of others; or
      3. Without the requested modification, the individual with a disability is able to fully use the East Wes Express' services for their intended purpose.

      Whenever feasible, East West Express requests that individuals make such requests for modifications in advance if it is possible to do so. Where a request for modification cannot practicably be made and determined in advance (e.g., because of a condition or barrier at the destination of a fixed route trip of which the individual with a disability was unaware until arriving), operating personnel shall make a determination of whether the modification should be provided at the time of request. Operating personnel may consult with East West Express’ management before making a determination to grant or deny the request.

      Requests may be made in advance by contacting:

      James Dowd, Safety Director at (800) 245-2525, or using TTY services; by email at [email protected]; or in writing at 51A Pelham Road, Salem NH 03079.

      You will be asked to provide your name, telephone number (or other contact information), the date and time of travel, the bus stop(s) you will need assistance with, and to describe what you will need in order to use the service. We will contact you via telephone or email for additional information. A decision will be made within two (2) business days of your request. You will be notified of our decision by telephone, email, or in writing within one (1) business day of our decision.

      If you feel you have been wrongly denied, you may file a complaint.

      Any person who believes that he/she has been discriminated against on the basis of their disability may file a complaint. Complaints shall be submitted to:

      James Dowd, Safety Director
      Flight line
      51A Pelham Road
      Salem, NH 03079
      by phone at 800-245-2525, or email at [email protected]

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